Sunday, January 08, 2006


Hello there,

I have been busy here getting some study in and taking the physique coach test. In the porcess I have been researching colonics as well. It seems that many fitness "experts" recommend doing a colon cleanse at least once a year. In part this is due to the fact that as time goes on a form of plaque builds up on the colon and reduces the ability of our bodies to absorb the nutrients that are in our foods. Unfortunately it seems that part of the problem could be that many of our foods don't have the nutrient values they did before due to depleted soils, being picked early, and mishandling.

To further excerbiate the problem it seems that this plaque builds up because of the amount of refined carbs that we are eating in our diets. Too much white bread, doughnuts, toxins, etc has led to problems with irregularity as well. Another underlying factor is the amount of drugs we are exposed to which kill off the beneficial flora.

Based on research that I have done so far it seems that a colon cleanse is in order and could very well be the best way to start off a diet. Therefore I am going to complete one...or at least a short two day one. Seems to eb a good way to start the new year off and begin a bulking cycle then do another one when I begin contest cutting in July.

Do some research on doing a colon and liver cleanse. Seems to be something that can't hurt and could definitely help a lot with overall health as well.

Talk to everyone later.


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