Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Exercise reduces Cancer Risk

Seems the Docs in research have finally aagreed with the fitness community on something. That exercise can cut your risks for all kinds of bodily ills. Read the following news article to see what the latest finding is.

Kevin Newman IAPC

Exercise Reduces Cancer Risk
By National Cancer Research Foundation

( Most New Year's resolutions begin with, "Exercise more, lose weight and get in shape." Did you know that these resolutions may mean more than just a better figure? These three annual resolutions are also directly linked to the #1 cancer prevention method. Not only does exercise help control your weight and prevent heart disease, but more importantly, it can also help reduce your risk of developing breast, prostate, and lung cancers.

Breast Cancer -- Endogenous sex hormones are strongly linked to the development of breast cancer. Physical activity may better regulate the production, metabolism, and excretion of these hormones which reduces the risk of cancer tumor development.

Prostate Cancer -- Testosterone influences the development of prostate cancer. Exercise is known to moderate testosterone levels protecting men against prostate cancer.

Lung Cancer -- Physical activity opens your lungs to more air which may reduce both the concentration of cancer agents in the airways and the duration of agent-airway interaction.

In addition, exercise can help an individual suffering from cancer to fight the disease more effectively. Physical activity may reduce the likelihood of recurrence and enhance survival by improving bodily movement, reducing fatigue, and enhancing immune function.

Keep your New Years resolution, take these everyday steps towards a more active lifestyle:

Take the stairs instead of the elevator. When you can, walk to short destinations. Squeeze in a 15-20 minute aerobics class or cardio session on your lunch break.

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