Monday, January 16, 2006

-- Forget The Glycemic Index? --

For years you've heard to eat foods that are "low on the
Glycemic Index". This means that the particular food, due
to fiber, water content and digestion, impacts the system
with less insulin more than a high glycemic food.

An example of a low glycemic food is an apple or most
green vegetables. Protein foods are also low glycemic.
Medium glycemic foods would be your whole grains,
some fruits and tubers. High glycemic foods are sweets,
raisins, carrots, etc.

There's two problems with this theory: first, it's been
proven to be a poor way to govern overall eating.
Researchers found that people who ate a combination
of high and low glycemic foods faired just about as
well as those who ate only low glycemic foods, and
they stayed on their diets much longer due to the taste
and variety.

Second, this does not account for the "glycemic load".
Glycemic load is the measure of the density and digestion
speed of carbohydrate. So, a food like a carrot, while
very high on the glycemic index (higher than sugar!) is
very low on the glycemic load index due to the water
and fiber content.

So, carrots are good. That's kinda common sense if
you ask me.

However, I'm going to give you a tip that will help you
shed more fat and not even feel it. The trick? Well,
first you HAVE to train your abs and your core, other-
wise you just end up losing "weight" and not building
that midsection you want to see. You can do that with
my Chisel Your Abs System better than anything I
know of -- and I know a LOT about abs. It's my job.

Now, the tip: consume 3 apples per day, one each
about 15 minutes prior to whatever meal you're
about to eat. This was originally discovered by
Dr. Barbara Rolls and the actual system tried and
proven by personal trainer/nutritionist Tammi Flynn.
I highly recommend Tammy's book, "The Three
Apple A Day Plan."

I modify this a bit more for those wanting to really
get ripped: consume 1/2 an apple, 1/2 a stalk
of celery and 1/2 a raw carrot prior to each meal.

Yeah, I know -- sounds like a meal unto itself! You
can eat a bit less of each food, but this is superior
to the apples due to the added fiber, the thermo-
genic rate that celery produces, and the enzymes
in raw carrots.

Give this simple trick a shot and watch out -- when
you do the right ab work, you'll be seeing "6"
in 6-pack. Ab city.

Jon Benson
Author, "Fit Over 40"
Transformational Lifecoach/Nutritionist
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