Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy New Years

Happy New Years everyone.

Hope your new year has started off great. Tomorrow is a holiday for a lot people, the kids are home from school, and it is a great time to get started on those fitness goals.

I was reading about how some people set goals for the year rather than resolutions. They set the goals for the year then back stp through the year on how to achieve their ultimate year long goal into achievable month long steps. I think that is a better way to look at things. All too often the New Year resolution lasts for a few weeks then is reconciled to the heap of past discarded resolutions. What are your resolutions? Would they be better as goals? Correctly made goals are most often achieved.

I think the most often used and abused resolutions are fitness related. Whether they are discarding a few pounds of fat, quitting smoking, or just getting in beter overall health. They are also some of the shortest lived of the reolutions as well. I know that ehn I go to the gym for the next few weeks there is goign to be a veritable swarm of people in there all set to achieve their ftness resolutions in a month. This will last about three weeks or so and then it will thin out again. Unfortunately if they resolved to take things an inch or a pound at a time, rather than expecting a ten pound loss in a week or changing sizes on clothes by two or three sizes, they would better achieve their goals.

Jon Benson has some thoughts on resolutions in his latest Fit over 40 newsletter. It is a free newsletter that he puts out. Just follow the Fit over 40 link there on the right and check it out. It has some great information on fitness, health, and motivation no matter what your age.

Until next time, Make it a Great Day!


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