Friday, January 20, 2006

Hoodia? Weight Loss Helper?

These days every where you turn there is some kinda ad touting the benefits of Hoodia in curbing your appetite. And like all stories again this one seems "too good to be true". Is it? Let's look at some of the facts first.

Hoodia is a plant that grows in the Kalaharia Desert and has been used by the !Kung people to suppress appettite for centuries when hunting and foraging. If taken in the morning it can suppres the appetite all day and in the evening you are ready to heat.

Sounds great so far right? But lets continue and look at possible reasons why the !Kung would do this. They are, afterall, not worried about obesity. So why would they wish to suppress their appetite all day long.

1. Eating increases the metabolic rate. The very act of eating influences your body to generate a caloric burn through the very act of digestion. Think about it. If you are in the desert the last thign you want to do is increase your body temprature during the day.

2. By not worrying about eating you can be more focused on the task at hand of hunting and foraging for food to eat that evening when it is cooler. Something that most people in the "civilized" world don't need to worry about. Unless you count opening the freezer door to get that tv dinner as hunting and foraging.

3. Eating in the evening when it is cooler allows your body temprature to increase at a time when the desert itself is cooling off rapidly. Therefore you are able to be more comfortable and better digest the food you have available.

In my experience these are not factors in the normal Americans life. So why would Americans want to suppress their appetites during the day? This is based on the mindset of low calorie and starvation diets to lose weight. America has done that since the 1950's or so and look at where we are now. The fattest nation in the world. So everyone is looking for the quick fix that the ads for Hoodia hold out.

But how true are these ads? Do the products live up to the hype?

Not really. There have been few scientific studies done on the effeciency of Hoodia at true sustained weght loss. The studies that were done were able to use actual Hoodia extracts from teh plant itself. They didn't use the patches, pills, powders that are touted to contain Hoodia. Surprisingly no one has actually tested these products in an independent lab yet to see if they truely contain enough Hoodia to work.

Slick advertising anyone?

So the end result is that Hoodia can make you lighter...lighter in the wallet or purse that is. No magic pill, potion, powder, patch, or lotion is going to help your health and help you achieve your weight loss and fitness goals.

If you are truely interested in achieving your weight loss, fat loss, fitness and health goals I dare you to check out the information contained in the links section here.

Kevin Newman IAPC

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