Monday, January 02, 2006

Long Day

Ever have one of those days where it seems that everything takes longer than it should to get done and too many things get in the way? That was today. Morning started off ok then the kids and I went to Golds Gym here in town for my workout. Grief the place was packed at 10 AM. Seems everyone decided to hit it hard for their New Years Resolutions.

Most of the regulars there are looking around trying to figure out how to get on the machines or the weights so we can get our workouts done. But the place is doing bang up business. I talked with the owners wife and she said it was like this every year. It would last three weeks to a month then everything would be back to normal.

Sad really. All those people with the best intentions of getting into shape for what ever reason and they won't stick with it long enough to do it. I saw one woman on a treadmill just going for all she was worth. She was probably a good 50 pounds overweight, red in the face, and breathing hard...too hard. She will be one of those who will be sore tonite and won't make it back tomorrow for her workout.

Why? Because she should be using a sensible plan with sensible achievable goals. There are 20 weeks till summer, more if you go to June 21st and official summer, and in that time frame a person can sensibly lose 40 lbs. It isn't really that hard to do. It just requires takign things in a sensiblke step-wise manner.

By the inch it's a cinch, by the yard it is hard. If you are looking to lose weight set a sensible goal of 1-2 pounds a week. Do this by starting off walking before running, lifting 5 pound weights before pounds, and by cleaning up your diet. Do that for a month then start working a bit harder, adjust your caloric intake, add longer or harder cardio sessions.

Remember that not everyone responds to diets the same way. Not everyone is able to run. Use a sensible approach to diet and exercise. Make it a lifestyle change.

I have. I feel much better for it too.
I can pick up my kids again, I can run and play with them without becoming so winded and tired I had to lay down, I can walk up the stairs to my apartment without feeling like crud when I got up here, and my belly doesn't stick over my belt any more. As the kids tell me..."Daddy isn't squishy any more".

Have I made it? Do I have a contest ready body now? No. But I actually have muscles showing, abs peaking through, and my pants aren't too tight around the waist. Overall I look better and feel better about myself and my appearance.

Let's face it. We're all a little vain about our appearance and want to look nice. People respond better to us when we feel better about ourselves. You can't help but feel better about your appearance when your fit and healthy.

Until next time,
Make it a Great Day


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