Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Success For Life - Current Issue: January 25, 2006

Are you one of the millions of Americans over 40 who are worried about menopause or andropause? There is natural hope that will help keep you from having to take those costly hormone replacement therapies. Success For Life - Current Issue: January 25, 2006: "You have more control over your hormones than you believe.
I can quote you endless studies that prove that regular exercise (the more intense the better) stimulates and keeps hormone levels naturally elevated. Exercise also delays the process of menopause in many women � and, without a doubt, lessens the symptoms. Growth hormone is practically dependent upon a proper nutrition plan and exercise routine.
Follow the routine you feel best suited for, like the myriad of routines covered in Fit Over 40, and you�re well on the way to taking back your life.
Let me say that again � taking back your life."

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