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Is your Why big enough?

Today I have an article by Jon Benson from Fit Over 40. In it he shows us that to accomplish our goals in life...whether they are fat loss goals, fitness goals, money goals, or any other goal you might have...you need to make your "Why" big enough. With a Why that is big enough to you...doesn't matter what anoyone else thinks...you can move mountains and achieve miracles.


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Monday, February 6th, 2006

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Today, I'd like you to think about one simple word: why.

In my book "Fit Over 40", I dedicate an entire chapter to
the foundations of critical thought -- the reasons that your
mind is more critical to your long-term success than any
other single factor.

The question becomes this: how do we tap that potential?

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For today, I want to share a story with you.

(Warning: this is a "spoiler" for anyone who has not seen
the movie "Cinderella Man"...but not too much of one. Peak
ahead at your own risk.)

- - His Reason Why Was Milk - -

The movie "Cinderella Man" profiles legendary boxer Jim
Braddock. Jim won the heavyweight championship during
the a time when the world needed a Cinderella story -- The
Great Depression. This slugger from Jersey had nothing
that said "champ"...that is, except for his heart and his
gigantic reasons why.

However, this is not about a miracle victory -- although it was
that and more. Braddock was considered an "old man",
far too old to defeat Max Baer, the reigning champ, who
literally killed two men in the ring.

This is not about the fact that Braddock had arthritis, a twice-
broken right hand, and broken ribs to contend with. His
age combined with his sport made boxing a 24-hour per
day walk with pain.

This is about milk.

I could write an entire book on Braddock and his impact on
my father's life and the lives of literally millions of
New Yorkers during the mid-30s. My father became a boxer
due to Braddock's inspiration. Jim was also a role model for
life, known across the land as "the man who repaid the
government." Jim had to hit the welfare line during the worst
of times. He proudly walked back in one day and repaid his
"loan". Why? Because others needed it more than he did. At
the time, he still lived in near poverty.

No...this really is about milk.

Braddock was asked how he felt about a second chance in life
at an age and a time when second chances were beyond rare.
He was asked what the difference was between the young man
who failed for almost ten years, and the "old man" who was
about to fight the champ and possibly die in the ring:

"Well, this time I KNOW what I'm fighting for."

"What is that, Jimmy?," asks one reporter.


You see, Jim Braddock had to watch his wife pour tap water
into milk bottles that were all but empty for their three
to have anything to drink. In the ring, during the most viscous
of assaults by Baer, he was not thinking about the pain of the
blows, but the pain of seeing past due notices on empty milk
bottles and the faces of his hungry children.

He is remembering when he could not afford electricity and
had to send his children away.

He is remembering the wife who stood beside him despite
the fact he could not provide for her.

Jim was fighting not for a belt or a title, but for milk. For
"gigantic reason why" -- in order to provide for his family so
they would never again go without.

He never went down. He shocked the world, perhaps even
himself...but he was a champion long before that night at
The Garden.

What is your gigantic reason why? It may appear small...like
"milk". It may appear huge, like "life or death if I do not
exercising and eating right today."

No matter what, you need a why. You must have a massive
why in order to move and change your body and your health
in massive ways.

Today's Power Tools is longer than most will be, but I wanted
to share this story with you because, frankly, we could all
use some more "milk" in our lives. Larger, massive "whys".

Find yours today.

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Have a great week!

Yours in health,

Jon Benson
Creator/Co-Author "Fit Over 40"

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