Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Online Health and Fitness Training

Hello there,

Haven't been around much lately as I have been busy setting up an online health and fitness training center. I should have it ready to go in the next day or so. I'll be looking for folks who want to take it for a two week test run to see how it works. This will be limited to a few qualified motivated people who want to reach their health and fitness goals. Doesn't matter if that goal is fat weight loss, body building, strength training,or you want to be a fitness model...maybe just look like one.

For those of you who have wanted the personal attention of a fitness trainer but haven't been able to afford the regular rates of a trainer in the gym this will be costing about an hr per month. In other words for about the cost of what it would cost you for an hour of my time in the gym you will have my attention for a month.

This makes it possible also for you to have a personal trainer in your home with you helping you reach those health and fitness weight loss or fat loss goals. I can set up workouts tailored to your individual needs and equipement. It doesn't matter if you go to a gym, workout at home, don't have any equipement. Your plan includes not only the workouts but personalized nutrition plans as well.

If your interested in this limited time test run just send me a message or comment here in the next couple days and I'll get you all set up and running.


Kevin C Newman

Health and Fitness
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Detector said...

Hey Kevin, I might be interested. Shoot me an email (it's on my blog), and let me know what's involved.

Also, I don't know it you've seen it, but I made changes to my weight calculator based on some of our discussions. It's at
Detector's Ideal Weight Calculator