Thursday, March 23, 2006

A big fat news flash

Subject: A big fat news flash

What the heck is the problem with all these
dietbooks, anyway?

I can think of five books that are current
best-sellers, each promoting a special
diet, and each contradicting the other
four books.

What's a health conscious person to do?

I am always looking for a good way to simplify
my food plan, burn more body fat, and still have
a life outside the kitchen and gym.

This is a challenge any dieter faces..until now.

There is a great little "5 Step Handbook" you can
pick up that literally works with any diet on earth.

Five steps.

That's it.

And it will work for YOU.

You will discover how to make eating for health
and fat-loss easier --and much more effective at
the same time. Go see --

5 Step Handbook

Just think -- 5 simple steps can literally work for
anyone, from vegans to meat-eaters and everyone

How is this possible?

The author read over 500 books in his career
on the subject of fat-burning. He worked with
thousands of people as a nutritionist and
fat-loss expert.

From all that, he narrowed it down to 5 fool-proof
steps that you can apply with his eating system (or
any other) to get the results you are after.

These 5 Steps are what every successful food
program have in common. Every single one.

These insider secrets were enough to inspire me to
help spread the news. I love them.

Since I've lost 80 pounds and know the joy of being
fit and having the energy I need to accomplish
all the goals I have, I wanted you to know this, too.

Go see -

5 Step Handbook


Kevin Newman

P.S. One step is so break-through and yet so
simple...well, let's just say you will never "count
calories" again after reading it.

P.P.S. The first 5,555 copies of this future best-seller
are going for only $5 -- after that it's back to $32.
This set internet history yesterday by selling HALF this
amount in 18 hours, so ACT TODAY.

5 Step Handbook

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