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Practical Diet Tips

Practical Diet Tips
Kevin C Newman

Start your diet with a food diary, document everything you eat,
what you were doing at the time, and how you felt. That tells
you about yourself, your temptation, the emotional states that
stimulate you to snack. This information may help you lose fat
once you see how much and what you eat.

Instead of eating the forbidden piece of candy, brush your teeth.
If you're about to cheat, allow yourself a treat, then eat only
half a bite and toss the other half away.

When hunger hits, wait 10 minutes before eating and see if it
passes and drink a glass of water. All too often what is thought to
be hunger pangs are actually our bodies crying out for water. Set
smart attainable goals. Don't say, "I want to lose 50 pounds." Say, "I want to lose 5 pounds a month." Get enough sleep but not too much. Try to avoid sugar. Highly sweetened foods tend to make
you crave more.

Drink six to eight glasses of water a day. A good goal is .5 to .8 ounces of water per pound of body weight. Water itself helps cut down on water retention because it acts as a diuretic. Taken before meals, it dulls the appetite by giving you that "full feeling." Diet with a buddy. Support groups are vital, and caring people can help one another succeed. If a support group isn't available in your area then initiate your own, even with just one other person.

Replace activity for eating. When the cravings hit, go to the
"Y" or health club if possible; or dust, or walk around the block.
This is exceptionally helpful if you eat out of anger.

If the pie on the counter is just too great a enticement and you
don't want to throw it away, freeze it. If you're a late-night
eater, have a complex or fibrous carbohydrate, such as a slice of whole wheat bread or a cracker, before bedtime to cut down on cravings. Keep an orange slice or a glass of water by your bed to quiet the hunger pangs that wake you up.

If you use food as a reward, inaugurate a new reward system. Buy
yourself a non-edible reward. Write down everything you eat - -
everything - including what you taste when you cook. If you
monitor what you eat, you can't go off your diet.

Weigh yourself once a week at the same time. Your weight
fluctuates constantly and you can weigh more at night than you did
in the morning, a downer if you stuck to your diet all day. Make
dining an event. Eat from your own special plate, on your own
special placemat, and adopt the Japanese art of food arranging to
make your meal, no matter how meager, look lovely. This is a trick
that helps chronic over-eaters and bingers pay attention to their
food instead of consuming it unconsciously.

Don't shop when you're hungry. You'll only buy more fattening
food. Avoid finger foods that are easy to eat in large amounts.
Avoid consuming large quantities of fattening liquids, which are so easy to overdo. This includes alcoholic beverages. Cut down or betteryet remove soda from your diet.

Keep plenty of crunchy foods like raw vegetables and air-popped
fat-free popcorn on hand. They're high in fiber, satisfying and
filling. Leave something on your plate, even if you are a charter
member of the Clean The Plate Club. It's a good sign that you can
stop eating when you want to, not just when your plate is empty.

Make your reasons to diet and lose weight for yourself big enough
to sustain your motivation when the lumps and bumps come along,
not to please your husband, your parents, or your friends. Make the kitchen off-limits at any time other than mealtime. Always eat at the table, never in front of the TV set or with the radio on. Concentrate on eating every mouthful slowly and savoring each morsel. Chew everything from 10 to 20 times and count! Never skip meals. Have a complex or better yet fibrous carbohydrate, such as a slice of whole wheat bread or a cracker, before bedtime to cut down on cravings.

Diets don't have to be hard and shouldn't be starvation. At no point should you feel as if you are starving. People have various reasons why they are overweight and it is hoped that these few simple diet tips can help you obtain your fat loss goals.

Kevin C Newman

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