Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Why Regular Meals?

Why Regular Meals?
Are you a meal skipper? Too rushed or tired for breakfast? Too busy to stop for lunch? Do your evenings consist of continuous munching?

For many of my weight loss clients, skipping meals is their biggest problem. Somehow, over many years, this habit has wreaked havoc to their weight, as well as their total health and well-being. What most often begins as carelessness becomes an ingrained habit that takes serious effort to change. But, this is one change well worth the effort!

Eating breakfast has been shown to boost brainpower, help control daily caloric intake and help meet daily nutritional needs. It is called breakfast because we "break the fast" from the night before. Like a fire that dies down and needs added wood for stoking up, our bodies need fuel to get us going for peak performance.

We get hungry throughout the day in response to our bodies' energy and nutrient needs. Hormones signal us to eat. Blood sugar levels rise after eating and fall hours later, signaling us to refuel. If we ignore these signals we may experience mood swings, decreased concentration, dizziness and headaches. And we may end up binging on any high calorie foods that get in our way.

So take time to eat regularly and realize that refueling throughout the day leads to a healthier weight and a healthier you!

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