Thursday, April 27, 2006

Child Obesity: Be Careful What You Say

Child Obesity: Be Careful What You Say: "Child Obesity: Be Careful What You Say
By Jason Knapfel
eDiets Senior Editor
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Recently, I met my wife for what would have normally been a run-of-the-mill lunch. But seated in the booth behind me was a man and child, their relationship unknown. But one thing is sure -- he had no sense of how to communicate with the youngster.
Normally eavesdropping is a little rude, but given the man's lack of volume control, you would have had to try to not overhear his ill-conceived banter.
The topic of conversation was the child's weight. He looked to be in his very early teens, maybe even 12, and upon examination as they left only slightly 'chunky.' But this didn't restrain the man from telling him that he needed to 'lose 15 pounds.' This may or may not have been the case, but wow, how inconsiderate can you be?"

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