Sunday, April 30, 2006

E-Commerce News: Business : Courting an 'Ideal' Web Business

E-Commerce News: Business : Courting an 'Ideal' Web Business: "Courting an 'Ideal' Web Business
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By Thomas Crampton
International Herald Tribune
04/30/06 5:00 AM PT
'We emphasize the process, not the end point,' said Marc Simoncini, Meetic founder and chief executive. 'If people encounter a few new people thanks to our service, we have met those expectations. If they fall in love, that is a bonus.'

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German men seeking love online tend to post photographs with 1970s-style haircuts, while lonely South American women like to display themselves sitting on a bed with a fluffy stuffed toy. Lovelorn Southern Europeans often post snapshots of themselves with friends at outdoor parties, but lonely hearts in Nordic countries tend to take self-portraits in a room alone.
How singles present themselves varies around the world, but their desires as seen from the Paris headquarters of the largest Europe-based online dating site, Meetic remain the same: to meet compatible people. "

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