Friday, April 21, 2006

Health And Fitness Update

Health And Fitness Update
-- From Kevin Newman

Here is a great article for you to enjoy, courtesy
of my friend Jon Benson at Fit Over 40.

Our goal is to inform and inspire you with real-world
health and fitness content that you can apply right now.
Nothing fancy, just quality information.

Yours in greater health,

Kevin Newman

Do Diet Sodas Make You Fat?
by Jon Benson
Fit Over 40

I stumbled across this study today and, to be honest,
the results did not surprise me. As a "diet sodaholic",
something I still struggle with from time to time, I can
testify that diet sodas will make you fat.

This study does not cover the metabolic reasons why,
so let me give you just a few. First, the body is not easily
fooled. Artificial "anything", especially sweeteners, can
trigger the exact hormonal mechanisms as the real deal.
In this case, the hormone insulin is often spiked by
aspartame and Splenda. This leads to a greater amount
of fat being stored.

That's not all. The resulting biochemical reactions
stimulates appetite. Just as any spike in insulin (or in
adrenaline from caffeine) can do, these reactions will
cause you to desire more food. They also blunt the appetite
mechanisms that signal the brain that you are full. In short,
you eat more food than you normally would.

I have seen this in myself first-hand and I discuss it in detail
in my book. No doubt about it -- if you want to get leaner,
can the sodas. Diet, non-diet, and anything in-between.
Water is your best bet, just as this study concludes.

FROM: San Antonio Express-News

The prevalence of obesity has reached epidemic proportions
and many Americans are making efforts to side-step extra
calories. They are turning to diet soft drinks -- Diet Coke,
Pepsi, Dr. Pepper and Sprite -- as their beverage of choice.

But is this a wise health choice?

Perhaps not, for according to a study by researchers at the
University of Texas San Antonio, middle-aged adults who
drink diet soft drinks may be drastically increasing their risks
of gaining weight later on.

Diet Soda Discovery
The study monitored the weight and soda-drinking habits of
more than 600 normal-weight patients aged 25-64. When
researchers followed up on the patients some eight years
later, they discovered:

- - Participants were 65 percent more likely to be overweight
if they consumed one diet soda a day compared to if they
drank none.

- - Two or more low- or no-calorie soft drinks raised the odds
of becoming obese or overweight even higher.

-- Those who drank diet soda had a greater chance of
becoming overweight than participants who drank regular

The solution? Simply drink more water!
-- Jon Benson

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