Monday, April 17, 2006

Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs - Possible New Weight Loss Treatment

Ivanhoe's Medical Breakthroughs - Possible New Weight Loss Treatment: "Possible New Weight Loss Treatment
(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- Researchers discover what could potentially be a promising new weight loss treatment.
A new study led by a Canadian researcher reveals how a small protein acts directly within muscles to increase the body's metabolism to burn fat while at the same time suppressing appetite. The protein is knows as the ciliary neurotrophic factor (CNTF).
Results show CNTF protects against some of the effects of obesity by activating an enzyme -- skeletal muscle AMP kinase -- that increases the body's ability to metabolize fat and sugar. The protein activates similar pathways to those stimulated by exercise. This could lead to new treatments for metabolic abnormalities linked to excess weight.
'While hormones such as leptin were initially thought to be the cure-all for weight loss, they were later found to be ineffective in obesity due to the presence of proteins which inhibit their ability to stimulate fat metabolism,' says lead researcher Dr. Greg Steinberg, of the University of Melbourne in Australia. 'Fortunately, CNTF's effects on fat burning are maintained.'
Dr. Diane Finegood, scientific director of the Canadian Institutes of Health Research Institute of Nutrition, adds, 'This research is an important step in the unraveling of the complex biological systems controlling body weight, including mechanisms regulating blood sugar levels, food intake, and satiety -- a feeling of fullness -- which are crucial to tackling the worldwide epidemic of obesity.'"

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