Friday, April 14, 2006 - Healthy lifestyle helps fiscal fitness, too - Healthy lifestyle helps fiscal fitness, too: "Healthy lifestyle helps fiscal fitness, too
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EnlargeBy Mike Derer, AP

Many retirement homes offer exercise rooms to keep seniors physically fit, whcih helps fight against heart disease, stoke and diabetes. Arthur Zitzner, 93, rides a stationary bike at the West Hill retirement home in West Orange, N.J.

By Julie Appleby, USA TODAY
Planning to retire someday?
You might want to consider that gym membership or the $70 you just spent on those nifty walking shoes as an investment in your financial future.
21st CENTURY RETIREMENT: USA TODAY's calculators can help you determine how much you will need for retirement.
With the cost of health care in retirement rising rapidly, one thing boomers can do to lower their expenses is lower the risk they'll need expensive drugs or medical treatments.
Turns out that what you eat, how much you exercise and whether you smoke can add or subtract big dollars from what you may need to cover medical costs in retirement.
A growing body of evidence shows that moderate exercise � 30 minutes a day most days of the week � can substantially reduce the risk of developing some of the most costly and debilitating conditions, including heart disease, some cancers, diabetes, depression, obesity and stroke. Some researchers have also found a link between exercise and a reduced risk of dementia."

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