Saturday, May 13, 2006

7 Steps to Success with Weight loss

1. Finally Decide

Without a decision and a commitment to succeed nothing will
happen. Finally decide for once and for all that you are going
lose weight. And start right away - not Monday (after you have
eaten the cupboard empty over the weekend) and not "sometime".
you really mean to lose weight you will start today, right this
minute. Until you're ready to do that you're not ready to lose

2. Know why

Be clear about why you want to lose weight because without the
motivation of knowing why you are embarking on a program to lose
weight you are lost! The longer your list of reasons to succeed
the better it will be. If you want some help in creating a
list take a look at

3. Plan

Decide how are you going to tackle this project to lose weight.
Because it is a goal worthy of a plan and "failing to plan is
planning to fail" as they say. Decide above all what habits you
need and want to change. What new routines do you want to start?
What will you do differently starting right now?

4. Keep your motivation going

Every day remind yourself of why you want to lose weight by
reading your list of reasons and taking action. If you need some
tips to stay motivated, see the great tips at the site.

5. Do it early

Good intentions tend to disappear as we get busy with our day.
Whatever you plan to do, do it early before anything else can
in the way. If you have decided that exercise is part of your
plan and if you can face it, do it early in the morning. If you
want to start eating healthily, shop for and prepare your meals
in advance before you get too tired to bother.

6. Monitor and Adjust

It's all very well having a great plan to lose weight but the
theory and the reality don't always match up (no doubt, you've
worked this out from past experience). Sometimes we decide on a
plan which is just too ambitious. Sometimes we think it will be
easier than it is. Keep reviewing your plans as you learn what
works and what doesn't. Adjust them as you find out what fits
your life, your personality and your circumstances. Better to
have a less ambitious plan than to throw in the towel

7. Celebrate

Celebrate every pound lost with a calorie-free treat! It can be
as little as a star on a chart or as much as a diamond necklace
(depending on your budget) as long as you mark the occasion
somehow. Losing weight is a challenge for anyone so never beat
yourself up about how far you have to go - all that matters is
that you are making the journey.

Copyright 2006, Janice Elizabeth Small

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