Sunday, May 21, 2006

How to Win the 'Diet' Battle

The start of a new week and the chance to start a new healthy life. Here are some recommendations to get you started living a healthy lifetyle.
Remember to make it a Great week.


How to Win the 'Diet' Battle
The real answer to the shortcomings of diets seems to be: eat the foods you are accustomed to, but reduce the amount of everything eaten. Rather than learning new ways of cooking, suffering through painful shopping trips for food you don't like, spending hours cooking and tracking the amounts eaten, simply fill your plate as usual, put part of it back and eat the rest with a clear conscience.
A reduction of only 500 calories a day will result in a weight loss of one pound a week, which adds up over time. (When was the last time you lost 52 pounds a year?) This approach automatically cuts the amount of fat consumed as well as reducing the intake of sodium, sugar and concentrated calories such as meat and carbohydrates.

So, rather than put yourself on a 'diet,' make moderate changes. Omit one large snack or dessert, and all second helpings each day. Eat a little less meat and high-fat foods. Add a salad or extra serving of 'skinny' vegetables every day. Go for a walk after supper. Give it time. And don’t call it a diet. Removing the negative feelings associated with that work will give you a better outlook on it. Just say you’re reducing or monitoring your food.

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