Saturday, May 06, 2006

No more Dieting

No more Dieting

When we are trying to lose weight, we often spend our lives
thinking about food - what we can eat, how often, how long is it
before you can eat something again, how you really want a Mars
Bar but you'd better not.

Food almost becomes a bit of an obsession and dieting feels like
a miserable condition you imposed upon yourself. Before long
you've given up and feel like you'll never make your target

But actually it's not your inability to diet that's the problem
if you're not managing to lose weight.

The problem is you're looking in the wrong direction.

With a diet you are trying to attack the symptoms (your excess
weight) rather than the root cause - why you put on weight in
first place.

Now you may think that you put on weight because you ate too
and didn't move enough and you'd be right at one level - but if
you dig deeper you'll usually find that there's more behind it.

* You got into the habit of eating out a lot and eating too
much every time
* You went out drinking with your friends several night a
* You got bored or lonely and eating gave you comfort
* You couldn't be bothered to cook after a hard day at work
and take-aways offered an easier option
* You got into the habit of having a cookie every time you
a cup of coffee
* You went through a stressful time and eating seemed to help
you cope

Maybe there are a whole load of reasons why you weigh more than
you'd like.

To lose weight without dieting, you need to tackle the habits
situations which lead you to eat too much too often.

Change your environment, change your circumstances, change your
route to work, change your attitude - whatever is at the root of
your weight problem. As you gradually build the habits and make
the changes which support your weight loss, you'll find losing
weight much easier.

You will still have to lose the pounds of course, but you will
tackling the problem from a completely different direction -
building the habits that keep you slim for life, creating a
healthy lifestyle and making changes that improve your overall

Copyright 2006, Janice Elizabeth Small

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