Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tips To Help You Look Your Best: Buff Up Now

Tips To Help You Look Your Best: Buff Up Now

Now that you're not in grade school anymore, you (presumably)
have to
work to have the rock-hard abs that came so effortlessly in
grade. While not everyone is going to have that elusive
there are some ways to begin heading down that road.

While having hard, tight abs is something of an ego-booster,
there are
better reasons to get fit. For one thing, you'll look better,
established that, but did you ever stop to think that those
muscles in
your stomach are what's supporting your back and spine? Well,
exactly what they do. If you want to look and feel your best,
here are a few tips:

- If you're overweight, lose some. Do it sensibly, of course,
once you do, you'll find that since your stomach muscles don't
have to
hold up so much excess weight, they can focus on supporting your
You're likely to find that your back hurts much less if you have
stronger stomach.

- Don't feel that the only way to improve your belly-line is to
go to
the gym and work out like a fiend. Yes, you're going to need to
incorporate some aerobic activity into your life in order to
weight, but for toning the muscles, you can start while you're
at your desk at work. You just have to think of one word: flex.
you're doing something or nothing, contract your stomach muscles
tightly as you can. Hold for five seconds, release, and repeat.
this ten or twenty times at a shot, whenever you think of it,
you'll begin to feel your muscles tighten up. Sure, you can do
or crunches or whatever also, but why not help things along
you're just typing on your computer?

- Start right away. It's very easy for us to put off exercise.
always manage to come up with some excuse or reason why today
isn't a
good day to start. Stop trying to come up with reasons not to
exercise, and start thinking about reasons to just do it. The
couple days will probably be hard, even if it's just
at your desk, but after you've started some type of routine,
find that if you don't do it, you're going to miss it.

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