Wednesday, August 23, 2006

So you want to succeed at....

the fat loss weight loss game. One of the important steps that any bodybuilder will tell you is to...

Start A Personal Diary!

It is one of the keys to success in any endevour. A diary becomes especially important when embarking on your weight loss journey as it provides immediate feedback on your program allowing you to tweak the program to better keep you on track for your fat loss goals.

Diaries are effective because they help you organize yourself and your thoughts, putting structure and discipline into, say, sticking with a weight-loss program or managing the remodeling of your kitchen.

Diaries help to solve problems by requiring you to gather information in a single place in a systematic way. If you suspect you have a food allergy or consistently have trouble sleeping, keep a diary of your activities and symptoms for a time. The answers soon may become evident.

Thomas Jefferson kept a diary through his long life of everything he planted at Monticello - when it bloomed and how it fared. Some people like to track their exercise routines or record their dreams for further analysis. Artists keep sketchbooks to capture images in the moment. Writers jot ideas in journals.

People grappling with a personal health challenge keep diaries to help them gain a degree of mastery over the experience. Anne Frank, a Jewish girl hiding from the Nazis in World War II, kept a moving diary that stands as a poignant historical record to the Holocaust.

So you're in good company. Begin your fat loss diary today.

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