Friday, December 01, 2006

Why do 'you' hate the Holidays?

Subject: Why do 'you' hate the Holidays?

I don't like the Holiday season.

Well, that's not really true. What I mean is
that I don't like what the Holiday season
does to my body!

Do you? Probably not.

Actually, I love the Holidays...but come on.

Did you know that we gain more bodyfat
between October and December than
all the other months combined?


What if there was a way to enjoy the Holidays
(and that means some of your favorite foods)
without wrecking your body?

Even better -- what if there was a way to
get "more fit" and leaner between here and
January...and it's **guaranteed**?

I found a way to do this -- and it's not some
"pill" or new "diet".

This is something like you've never seen --

(my special link gives you some nice bonuses
just for visiting...)

This is like having a "cheerleader" on your
side for the holidays -- but one that gives you
a step-by-step guide on how to get...

---> super-fit and healthy

---> leaner and more toned than you've ever been

---> mentally "empowered" to make permanent
changes in your body and life

This team of "former fatties" (that's what THEY
call themselves, so don't get mad!) went from
"plump and sick" to "pumped and healthy"...

...and they're wanting to help you do the same.

Right NOW. Not "after the Holidays."

They KNOW what it feels like to be overfat,
deathly sick, and even "too old to change" --
but they all overcame it.

Listen, you know this is true. Putting this off
until "after" never gets you anywhere.

But, if you start TODAY, right now, you'll get a
massive jump-start.

How would you like to shed bodyfat between here
and January 1st?

When the clock strikes midnight wouldn't it be
nice to have a better body then ever?

AND... still enjoy some of your favorite foods.

How? Simple: your very own "coaching crew" who
will set you up on a lifestyle nutrition and
fitness system that's completely PERSONAL.

That means no "cookie-cutter" diets or workouts.
This is made for you by a team of pros.

This means no more...

--- > yo-yo diets--and deprivation

---> endless hours in the gym

---> frustration and guessing what "d-word" to use!

There's more -- this comes with a set of audios
that you just have to hear to believe.

Did you know that the real problem with making
"real changes" -- the kind of changes that last
forever -- really has little to do with "food"?

It's all about what's between your ears.

Change THAT, and the food and exercise bit
comes easily.

These empowering audios do just that by
showing you the secrets of "Core-based

If you do one thing today, at least go see
what I mean by "Core-based" living. I'm
talking about SUPER-purpose here.

The real stuff. Getting the juice out of life.
Learning how to "attract" what you want
rather than scratch and claw for it all.

You know what I mean.

Life can seem like you're swimming
upstream all the time. Why not put an
end to that while you're getting super-fit?

Your new "team" will give you it all --

--- > A complete and personal assessment;
(you don't have to leave your home!)

--- > A customized nutrition and fitness plan
that takes your schedule and goals
and makes it all "fit"

--- > I can't believe this... you also get "eCoaching"
from a real human for 30 full days!
Inspiration, tweaking your plan, and more

--- > And, the key to it all: 6 audios that are
literally life-altering. How to empower
your mind for TOTAL success that LASTS

All of this...for less than you would spend on a
night out!

I'm not joking -- this will not cost you an arm
and a leg -- far from it.

Start today, and you'll be in better shape when
2007 rolls around -- **guaranteed**!


Kevin Newman

P.S. When I say "guaranteed", I'm being
literal. This team guarantees your TOTAL
success or you don't pay them a dime.

No joke.

Go see what I mean --

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