Thursday, March 22, 2007

Less Activity = fatter Kids

Something to think about if you are a parent or have something to do with kids. Even if it is voting on local school board issues such as removing recess in favor of more classroom time. Kids need their physical activity.

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Less Activity = Fatter Kids

(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- It stands to reason kids who get less exercise are at risk for obesity. But because many of these kids also tank up on junk food, it has been hard to tell for sure whether it's the lack of physical activity making them fat or the things they eat.

British researchers used sophisticated new technology to help inform the debate. Their study measured body fat in about 5,500 12-year-olds using an X-ray emission absorptimetry scanner and physical activity with a device called an Actigraph accelerometer. These two devices produce accurate measurements, allowing the investigators to get a true handle on the role of both diet and exercise on obesity in children.

Results revealed body fat went up as activity levels decreased. The effect was more pronounced in boys than in girls and was stronger for moderate and vigorous physical activity (MVPA) than for total physical activity.

The investigators believe theirs is the first study to use accurate measurements of body fat and activity levels to assess the effects of diet and exercise on obesity in children.

"Our findings, if confirmed, suggest that public health policies that increase physical activity levels and in particular MVPA in children may help to reduce the prevalence of childhood obesity," write the authors. "These associations suggest even a modest increase of 15 minutes MVPA might result in an important reduction in the prevalence of overweight and obesity."

SOURCE: PLoS Medicine published online March 19, 2007

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