Monday, April 02, 2007

Hard Exercise Leads to Trimmer Boys

For me this seems to be a no brainer.

If our kids play hard it will invariably lead to be trimmer healthier kids.

Hard Exercise Leads to Trimmer Boys

(Ivanhoe Newswire) -- How hard a boy exercises can make a big difference in not only how fit he is, but also how much he weighs.

Researchers who studied boys and girls from 12 schools in the Republic of Ireland report boys who exercised the hardest were the least likely to be overweight or obese and were also less likely to have larger waists. Previous studies have linked larger waist sizes to higher risks for cardiovascular disease.

Girls in the study were not so lucky. While girls who exercised harder were more likely to be fit, hard exercise didn't make a big difference in their weight or waist sizes.

Overall, boys in the study spent about twice as much time engaged in hard exercise -- defined at running nine kilometers per hour or its equivalent -- than girls, about an hour a day versus about half an hour a day. Boys were generally more physically fit than girls, but they were also more overweight.

The study authors write these findings suggest body mass index alone may not be adequate when it comes to determining cardiovascular risks in children. They write, "The evidence for a different relationship between body composition and activity components in girls and boys requires further investigation."

Children in the study were between ages 7 and 12.

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SOURCE: British Journal of Sports Medicine, published online March 28, 2007

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