Thursday, July 12, 2007

Exercise Most Effective to Prevent Falls

Something I think that most seniors need to think about. Exercise helps with falls in two ways from the research I have done. It aids in having stronger thicker bones and improved balance. I would suggest anyone who is over 50 to at least check into tai-chi or yoga as well as daily walking.

Fitness benefits to our health don't stop with age.


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Exercise most effective to prevent falls

TAIPEI, Taiwan (UPI) -- Exercise proved most effective at improving elderly quality-of-life, better than education or a home safety assessment, says a Taiwan study.
Dr. Mau-Roung Lin, of the Institute of Injury Prevention and Control, Taipei Medical University, in Taiwan, also examined the secondary effects of these programs on functional balance, daily activity, fear of falling and depression level.
Participation in the study was open to people ages 65 and older who had required medical attention for a fall within the previous four weeks. Participants were assigned to one of the three fall prevention program groups, and quality-of-life was then assessed according to the World Health Organization's Quality of Life guidelines, focusing on four domains: physical capacity, psychological well-being, social relationships and environment.
Although all programs contributed to some quality-of-life improvements, the results were significantly higher in the exercise training group, according to the study published in the Journal of the American Geriatrics.
Exercise training participation also led to improvements in functional reach, balance and fear of falling, said the researchers.

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