Thursday, July 19, 2007

Hot Weather Workout Tips

Are you working out in the hot weather? Here's some tips to help you keep going.

1. Stay Hydrated. Make sure to drink plenty of cool water before, during, and after your workout. If you freeze a half-full bottle of water then fill it the rest of the way before you leave you will have planty of nice cold water to drink while you are working out.

2. Wear light colored clothing made of cotton. The light colors help reflect the sunlight and the cotton breathes allowing air to get next to your skin where it can cool you as you are working out.

3. Workout early in the morning or late in teh evening if possible. Morning is coolest time of the day but if you can't do it then go for late in the evening. Cooler temps will help you keep going.

4. Workout with a friend. In hot weatehr it is too easy to get overheated and get a heat related injury. Having a friend along means that you can watch each other for the warning signs of heat injury.

Welll that's all for now folks. Keep up the good work.


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