Tuesday, July 24, 2007

LASIK Eye Surgery, is it for you?

LASIK Eye Surgery, is it for you?

by Kevin Newman

LASIK eye surgery, you hear about it every where or see it on the billboards.

Many of you
have wondered if it was for you. Everyone is talking about it but no one is
telling you anything. Here we set out to help inform you of your possible

LASIK eye surgery is for those who are over 18,
have had a stable correction prescription
for one year or more, and are affected by one of the common types of vision
problems or refractive error such as
myopia (nearsightedness), astigmatism (blurred vision caused by an irregular shaped cornea), hyperopia (farsightedness), or a
combination thereof (e.g., myopia with astigmatism).

Your level of
needed vision correction determines the level of vision improvement you can

According to
the people over at, The Eye Digest
, if you have myopia of -7D or less there is a 96% chance of gaining 20/20 vision.
If your myopia is higher your results will vary but there is still an 89%
chance of having 20/40 or better vision following treatment.

There is a rare chance for serious complications to develop. The chance for this is less
than 10% according to the FDA.

LASIK eye surgery
isn’t for everyone. According to the FDA there are certain people for whom the
surgery is too high a risk based on age, health, financial situation, ability
to stare at a fixed point, and lifestyle. LASIK eye surgery will not cure presbyopia,
the aging changes that prevent older people from seeing near objects through the same
glasses that they use for viewing distant objects.

For more information on
LASIK eye surgery check out the folks over at The Eye Digest.
They can help you with making the right choice for you. If you decide to make
the jump be prepared and do your research.

Make sure and ask your eye
doctor if you are a good candidate and for Lasik in Chicago
check the resources at The Eye Digest.

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