Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Pediatricians feel obese talk futile

It is the one thing that seperate those who lose the fat form those who don't...desire. You have to want to lose the fat in order to lose it. Otherwise you end up on the frustrating yo-yo of lose a few and gain a few pounds of fat. It is especially true when children are involved because then it it s whole family response.


Pediatricians feel obese talk futile

ST. LOUIS (UPI) -- Pediatricians who talk to obese patients and their
families about losing weight feel their conversations are futile,
found a U.S. study.

Despite their best efforts to provide families with good advice,
doctors find families lack the motivation or are so overwhelmed with
the stresses of daily life that they don't attempt to attack weight
problems by eating healthier and exercising more, according to lead
author Dr. Sarah Barlow, of the Saint Louis University School of

The study was based on face-to-face interviews with eight St. Louis
area pediatricians from diverse backgrounds and practice settings.

Families who changed what they ate and how much they exercised
typically came to appointments with a desire to lose weight and were
already motivated to change their behavior, according to the study
published in Child: Care, Health, Development.

The pediatricians recognized that parents and children lack time for
food preparation and physical activity and that low-income patients
have many pressing needs, according to Barlow.

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