Monday, July 09, 2007

Stress linked to gaining more weight

More research on the effects of stress and its ties to weight gain, specifically fat gain. A couple of things to lower stress are taking more "Me" time and getting more sleep.


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Stress linked to gaining more weight

WASHINGTON (UPI) -- There is a direct connection among stress, a high-calorie diet and unexpectedly high weight gain, says an Australian, U.S. and Slovakian study.
Scientists at Georgetown University, part of the collaborative study, had stressed and unstressed mice fed normal diets and high calorie -- high fat and high sugar -- or so called "comfort food" diets.
The mice on normal diets did not become obese; however, stressed mice on high-calorie diets gained twice as much fat as unstressed mice on the same diet. The novel and unexpected finding was that when stressed and non-stressed animals ate the same high calorie foods, the stressed animals utilized and stored fat differently, according to the study published in Nature Medicine.
"Our findings suggest that we may be able to reverse or prevent obesity caused by stress and diet, including the worst kind of obesity; the apple-shaped type, which makes people more susceptible to heart disease and diabetes," senior author Zofia Zukowska, of Georgetown University, said in a statement.
"There are millions of people around the world who have lived with high levels of stress for so long their bodies think it's 'normal,' and if these people also eat a high fat and high sugar diet, they will become obese."

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