Thursday, July 05, 2007

Weight Loss and Health Advice on Trial

this is an interesting story just out on how obesity may affect health. Not sure why they are saying there isn't any clinical trials though.

Weight loss and health advice on trial
HOUSTON (UPI) -- We are constantly told to lose weight to reduce our heart disease and diabetes risk, but no clinical trials show this to be the case, say U.S. researchers. No clinical trials have shown a significant reduction in cardiovascular events due specifically to weight loss, according to Dr. Christie Ballantyne, director of the Center for Cardiovascular Disease Prevention at the Methodist DeBakey Heart Center, in Houston. "We are finding that inflammation of the fat tissue causes both diabetes and heart attacks," Ballantyne said in a statement. "This study will examine how diet, exercise and weight loss affect inflammation, and how these changes affect the health of the patient's heart." A large multi-center trial is being conducted to examine whether weight loss through intensive lifestyle intervention with diet and exercise will reduce cardiovascular events in obese diabetic individuals compared with a control group that receives diabetes support and education. Researchers will follow 5,000 people who are overweight and have diabetes -- both conditions that lead to inflammation of fatty tissue. All patients will be educated in how to change certain lifestyle habits. The aim is to look at how each intervention works for each person, how diet or exercise affect the fat tissue and how these interventions affect the heart, according to Ballantyne

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