Sunday, August 05, 2007

Health and Fitness Rant

I'm going to step away for a moment from my normal health and fitness information posts for a short rant.

How is it that so many intelligent people can be so fooled into thinking that there is a quick way to lose the fat that it took them perhaps years to add to their bodies? Everyone is looking for a quick fix so they can look good for a wedding or reunion. Well folk the only semi-quick fix is liposuction followed with plastic surgery to remove all the excess skin. Even then it only lasts if you make a lifestyle change.

Have watched the shows on TLC about people that are so fat they can't get out of bed but yet their families still cook and feed them all the fattening foods they can shovel into their mouths. Do they honestly love them or are they just enabling them to commit slow suicide? When you can't move to get to the bathroom without help or get up and get to the table on your own let alone walk to the car it should be an indication that there is a problem here.

People wake up for crying out loud. Take responsibility for your health and fitness. Do you really want to die and need to be buried in a piano box for a coffin? Do you really want to be hauled out of your house to the hospital through a hole that was cut in your wall on a whale sling by a crane?

Come on. Get a freakin clue. Enablers, or the family caregivers, need to wake up as well. You are killing them. You aren't doing them any favors. They want to eat then they need to be able to get to the table.

Do something for not only for yourself but for your family as well. Eat at the table together as a family. Do activities outdoors together as a family. Eat healthy foods in moderation.

Ok, enough said.

Rant Off. We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

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