Thursday, August 23, 2007

Taking Responsibility

Taking Responsibility
Kevin C Newman CPT, CPC
Natural Fat Loss

Something that many of you have read about in the news seems to give people a reason to pass the buck on their health and fitness. Research has come out suggesting that the common cold virus, adenovirus 36, is an underlying cause of obesity. It seems to me someone is stretching the research as a way to take responsibility away from the individual for their health. It isn't your fault that your obese, it is the fault of some virus.

Quite frankly this is pure hogwash. This is possible under strictly controlled circumstances but not as likely in a living human. You would have to have a cold 24/7/365 in order for it to be feasible. What wasn't brought up in the study was the fact that most people with a cold do not feel like eating.

Thankfully the researchers did add the addendum that an unhealthy diet and lack of exercise are still the leading cause of weight gain.

So take responsibility for your health and fitness levels. Eat healthy and exercise. You might just find that you can keep colds at bay and when you get them they are short lived.

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Barbara said...

Now folks can say "I can't help it. I stopped at Mickey Dee's just to get a napkin to blow my nose and that Big Mac just happened to fall into my mouth." (grin)

Kevin said...

Definitely. Gives them an excuse. I am waiting on someone to do like Jeff Foxworthy once said in his monologue about shows like Jerry Springer, "My momma is great, my daddy is great, my boss is great, my job is great, I'm just a &*@$head!"

That is taking responsibility for the situation we find ourself in.