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Couples Dieting

Couples Dieting
ORLANDO, Fla. (Ivanhoe Broadcast News) -- She was a fourth-grade teacher in Florida. He was a Web designer in Iowa. They each had a top weight of 307 pounds and wanted to be thinner.
"I didn't want to live life like that, because I didn't really feel like I was living," says Julie Switzer. She went to Weight Watchers and lost more than 100 pounds. Then, she met Kevin on the online message board and sent words of encouragement.
"That's just really what it was for me at first, was having that support there that I didn't have from anyone else," says Kevin Switzer.
What started out as 'what's for dinner?' turned to more personal questions. Eventually, Kevin flew down to meet her. It was love at first sight.
"One of those everybody else, time stands still, and the room spins around you kind of deal," says Julie.
The two now share a home and the same weight loss goals.
"It works so much better with a partner," says Julie.
Experts agree.
"When the entire family does the same thing, works together, there is more success," says Sherri Flynt, R.D., from Florida Hospital in Orlando, Fla.
Couples just need to keep in mind men have more muscle mass, so the pounds melt off faster. "That can cause some friction," says Flynt. But they can also help balance each other out. Oftentimes, women are more focused and measure everything out, while men can just commit to eating less and exercising more.
Julie and Kevin plan and cook healthy meals together and encourage each other to stay active.
"No one always wants to exercise, but if one of us at least does, then we push the other one to go," says Julie.
The two married this summer and say, sometimes, the best place to find love is where you least expect it.
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